Residential 20 ft x 8 ft x 8 ft Storage Units

Posted by in on Feb 15, 2016 |

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resi unit 300Available Storage Units from Georgia Storage Solutions

Residential Storage units come:
20 ft x 8 ft x 7 ft and in white.

These units have a minimum 1 month rental contract.

At Georgia Storage Solutions, we have just that!

A solution to any of your storage requirements.

Here for example is our more short term storage solution for local homeowners. Each unit is fully inspected, ensured not to leak and floored with plywood, clean and kept to a very high standard.

What makes these units right for my requirements?

Simple, these residential storage units are easily located at you home or office and used for two main reasons.
Firstly, the more unexpected projects at your home or office such as a burst pipe or flooding and minor catastrophes to your location and you need to get items, furniture etc., out of harms way and temporarily stored safe.
The second reason, is the homeowner or office manager that needs to renovate, or decorate a room but wants to make life a whole lot easier by putting it in to a mobile storage unit at the location.

Whatever the reason, Georgia Storage Solutions has the perfect clean storage solution for your needs.